Ceramic Tile Pro™ Grout Bond Re-Grouting Additive


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  • Used For Re-Grouting Sanded and Non-Sanded Grout
  • Bonds New Grout to Old
  • Makes Grout Stronger
  • Coverage: over 200 square foot per unit
  • New and Improved Formula, Easy to Use
  • Excellent For Wet Areas
  • Helps to Waterproof Grout
  • Mix with Any Color Cement Based Grout
  • Item # GRB-CTP-FBA-4
  • UPC 702403999973
  • ASIN B00MR0K5G0
CeramicTilePro Grout Bond is the Professional's choice when it comes to Re-Grouting. Not only cures much stronger than regular grout, but also helps to Waterproof Grout. GROUT-BOND comes very concentrated and is mixed with water. Use with any Cement Based Grout. Sealing is not required but can be used. Aqua Mix Sealers Choice Gold works the best! 


1. Make sure and clean area first with grout cleaner and rinse with water. 
2. Scrape and remove any loose grout and caulk completely. 
3. Vacuum area and make sure area is clean and dry. 
4. Mix 1 oz. CeramicTilePro Grout Bond to 16 oz. clean water. 
5. Add cement based grout and mix to a creamy consistency (approx. 3 lbs unsanded or approx. 7 lbs sanded) 
6. Using a grout float, apply liberally to grout joints. 
7. Remove excess with edge of grout float. 
8. Let grout firm up (usually 5-10 minutes). 
9. Wash grout with grout sponge and clean water. 
10. Wipe any remaining grout haze with microfiber towel. 

Use NEW grout only. 
Working Time: Approx 60 mins. Temp 78℉ more time for colder, less for hotter weather. 
Drying Time Before Use: Wet Areas 3 days, Dry Areas 1 day. 
Color Matching: Colors may be slightly lighter or darker than shown on color charts. Color matching may require lighter or darker grout for best results. 
Always test in an inconspicuous area before general use. Do not mix with other chemicals. 
250 square foot - Unsanded Grout with 6x6 tile 
200 square foot - Sanded Grout with 6x6 tile 
Demonstration Video on YouTube: click here