Ceramic Tile Pro® Tile & Grout Cleaner 32 oz. GCL-CTP-32


$ 16.99 USD $ 19.99 USD

  • Cleans Showers, Floors & Counters
  • No Odors - Non Toxic - Hypoallergenic - No VOC's
  • Soap & Detergent Free - No Sticky Residue
  • Heavy Duty Sprayer Included
  • Clean Grout Lasts for Months
  • Item # GCL-CTP-32
  • UPC 0799599451170


Cuts through the toughest soil build-up! An excellent restorative cleaning product that will remove years of soil residue from tile, grout or stone surfaces. Not only restores hard floors but can be used to maintain them on a daily basis as well. Effectively breaks down and removes old grease, oil, soap, dirt, scum, hard water deposits, mold and mildew residues, etc. from a wide variety of tile, grout and stone surfaces. Can be used in enclosed areas without the worry of harmful vapors and gasses.

Epoxy-Bond-SDS Safety Data Sheet