Caulk Gun Adapter for Syringes Includes 2 syringes - Made in USA

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How To Use Syringe Adaptor on Youtube

This tool adaptor allows a 1 or 2 ounce syringe to be used in a standard caulk gun for easy application of epoxies and other thick materials that are hard to apply with syringe only. 

Hand made in USA with durable pvc pipe and epoxy insert to allow for 1 and 2 ounce syringes.

The caulk gun in the video (Albion B12) has an opening at the front that will allow the 2 ounce syringe's tip to slide through without modification of the gun. the opening is just over 1 1/8" which is larger than the syringe's outside diameter.

Most guns will work by modifying that opening to allow the syringe to clear.

Details and Specs:

Caulk Gun in Video

Syringe in Video