SGA 30 will be available end of October 2022

We are excited to be announcing Super Grout Additive's availability the end of October 2022.

There will be a price increase to $125 per SGA 30 Kit. 

Due to supply chain issues and the higher cost of shipping. 2022 has been challenging to say the least. The lack of leadership in this country on so many levels has destroyed many small business owners and I am glad to say that they did not break me!

I refuse to let those liberals destroy my many years of hard work in developing and marketing Super Grout Additive and am proud to say we are moving forward in a much stronger direction. Trying to run a business in California with corrupt leaders like gov Newsom who has shown his hand on what his intentions are is very difficult to say the least. 

Ceramic Tile Pro LLC is a conservative, hard working, honest, small business that believes in accountability and calling out those who are liars and cheats just to get a vote. We are losing our rights and need to hold our ground to protect what this country was built on. We need to bring back manufacturing, become more self reliant, and refuse to do business with our enemies. Let's bring back American and buy American made products.

I no longer sell on Amazon as they have such unfair small business policies. Every year amazon has progressively become more corrupt and difficult to do business with. It took over 10 months to close my account due to their policies and difficulty to speak to a person. I have never worked with any company or person who couldn't close an account immediately and felt trapped as they demanded my credit card to keep my account open until inventory was depleted. The inventory was depleted in Jan 2022 yet no matter who I spoke with, there "was nothing they could do". I am happy to say that my account has been deleted and I will never buy on Amazon again!

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