New Epoxy Release Date - August 2022

New Epoxy Release Date - August 2022

With testing in the final phase, we are getting closer to the release date anticipated for August 2022. Why did we want a new formula? We were having issues with our manufacturer and raw materials. Our last batch had issues of Part A "crystalizing" giving us concern on what was going on.

Part A was getting hard in temps of 70 degrees and colder which was not normal compared to prior batches. Putting the Part A in hot water for 20 minutes brings it back to creamy consistency we expect but it was a pain for my customers as well as myself who have a small tile/grout cleaning & repair business in California to warm up the product every time it got hard. 

The good news is we have a new manufacturer that was able to produce Part A without crystallization issues. I haven't had any issues and actually think it produces nicer colors using sanded grout. It also has an UV inhibitor to prevent yellowing which is common in lower quality resins. This means our white should stay whiter longer!

Just a win win altogether! Can't wait to get this on the market in August 2022 and the price remains unchanged!

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