New Shower Floor Tile with Super Grout Additive waterproof grout

New Shower Floor Tile with Super Grout Additive waterproof grout

Brand new shower floor tile installation is complete. What kind of grout should we use? Pre-mixed grout, Sanded or Unsanded, or Super Grout Additive®?

Should we use some type of additive with our grout that makes it better? 

Easy, use Super Grout Additive waterproof grout. Why? 

1. 99% waterproof, adds an additional layer of protection against leaks

2. Never needs sealing. (sealers are over rated for tile, read the front/rear labels for water resistance, and waterproofing) Sealers do not water proof!

3. Will not crack in corners where shower floor meets walls. 

4. No longer needs silicone or caulk for corners, safe money and time!

5. Mold, fungus, and mildew have a hard time growing inside epoxy.

If you want a product that outperforms conventional and pre-mixed grouts, Super Grout Additive is your answer.


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  • Rickey Waller - August 08, 2017

    Trying to buy enough epoxy bond to grout a 8 by 10 shower floor would need 4 bottle of each total 8 to to mix in grout to water proof tile just laid

  • Jason - August 26, 2016

    Hi Chuck. You can use any cement-based grout like Mapei. I prefer sanded grout for all my repairs no matter the joint size. Epoxy Bond is very strong and bonds to tile, grout, metal, plastic and just about anything it touches. I would buy a kit or two and watch those youtube vids on how I mix and apply. thanks, jason

  • Chuck Walker - August 18, 2016

    Hi! I am missing grout in places of my shower floor. I would like to replace the grout. My question is, after removing most of the grout, do I have to use the EPOXY GROUT mixed with (I’m using Mapei) sanded grout to regrout the entire floor, or could I use the EPOXY BOND mixed with my grout for regrouting since it is 99% waterproof? I want the most waterproofing I can get and don’t want to have to use sealer? Will the EPOXY BOND also bond to old grout like the EPOXY GROUT states? I have watched several of your videos and this product looks amazing, but I’m just not sure what is the best option for my situation. Thanks!

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