Tile Repair

Tile Repair

Tile repairs range from broken tiles to maintenance related issues such as shower valve replacement that require tile removal. Hiring a professional tile contractor who specializes with repairs can help give you a better understanding of what repairs are more important than others that may be just cosmetic.

Shower valves do wear out and need to be replaced from time to time. Some type of cartridge valves and be maintained by simply replacing the cartridge unit with any tile removal. Older type valves without the cartridge type assembly will generally need to be replaced.

A plumber and tile contractor are required for a professional repair that can be warrantied against workmanship. Better yet, having these tradesmen familiar with each other’s work is an added plus. I prefer to use someone who I have worked with in the past, someone who is professional with great communication skills.

Shower valve repairs/replacements are common, and can go very smooth. 1-2 day service, sometimes faster if it’s a 1 bathroom house and customer needs their shower back!

The tile setter needs to first expose the area by removing the tile. Generally a 16″ wide by 12″ tall opening is needed. The plumber can then remove the faulty valve and replace with new. Finally, the tile setter returns to start tile installation. Once the tile has been installed and grouted, the plumber finally returns to install all the finish trim.

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