Drywall removal – easy

Drywall removal – easy

How do you remove tile/drywall quickly and easily without creating damage to your walls? You aren’t interested in creating more work for yourself and don’t want to hire another contractor to perform drywall and texture repair.

Using a oscillating power tool (Fein tool with saw toothed attachment seen) is my preferred choice when precise drywall cutting and removal is needed. One great way is to simply cut the drywall at the edges of the tile. We are cutting deep enough to cut through the drywall only which is approximately 1/2″.

Being careful as we are cutting, keep in mind that behind the drywall can be plumbing, electrical and heating/air conditioning components. We don’t want to cut any deeper than the drywall. Make sure and pay close attention to how deep the blade is at all times.

The reason why we are cutting the drywall is because it makes the tile removal easier. This technique also keeps the chance of damaging the surround drywall and texture to a minimum which also keeps unnecessary costs down.

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