Bathroom renovation with Super Grout Additive®

Bathroom renovation with Super Grout Additive®

Working closely with customer and contractors is the key with a successful renovation project.

It always a good idea to use high quality products combined with professional who specialize in remodel work. Jobs tend to run smoother when there is a relationship with prior jobs between contractors and great communication between customer/contractors. We can perform all the scheduling and keep you informed on current tasks and time frame with completion.

Using larger tiles such as 12x12 porcelain is a great way to minimize grout cleaning/maintenance. Small grout joints 1/8" are preferred and increase the overall beauty of the tile installation. Using a grout color that compliments the tile helps to offer a classy and simple look.

Using our waterproof grout is applied at all corners including where the tile meets the tub. We also add a layer of protection at the shampoo niche with Super Grout Additive.

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  • Laura - December 04, 2017

    Can the Super Grout additive be used with acrylic shower walls, where the wall meets the tub?

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